Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Years Resolutions: Half Your Deen... No Your Other Half

I am not sure about you ladies but us three pretty much LOVE fairy tales. Now most of us dream about the day we will get married to that Mr.Right and everything will be perfect. Or want him to appear right away. Some girls are actively searching while others are just waiting for him to appear. Not only must you be emotionally and mentally ready for marriage, you must have at least have some sort of foundation. I do not mean cooking/cleaning (which is important too, but easy to learn).

While chasing for half your deen, don't forget the other half.

If you are having trouble praying on time or praying at all you shouldn't be thinking about marriage just yet! Work on perfecting your salah. We are not perfect, but there is always room for improvement somewhere in our life. Sometimes we are so worked up about getting married we forget we should focus on ourselves first. Not only will working on ourselves benefit us in the long run, it will also help us keep our minds off marriage like  if you cannot get married yet due to many factor that I do not want to guess. I complied small list of things we can work on in the meantime. Just a reminder remember to keep the right intentions. Please do no make intentions of doing your prayers for your husband or anything like that make sure you are doing this to please Allah swt only :)

Here we go:
[   ] Memorizing x amount of number of the Quran and the meaning
[   ] Stop listening to music
[   ] Improve Manners 
[   ] Exercise      (10 Minute Trainer try exercising 10 minutes a day)
[   ] Learn some new stuff 
[   ] Attend Sister Halaaqas once a week
[   ] Save money ( If you are finished school and are working currently save for Ummrah or hajj)
[   ] Donate ( Make it a habit, have a jar in your house or room and put a dollar daily or spare change)
[   ] Watch less t.v, movies, Netflix, anime, Bollywood, Korean dramas, talking on the phone etc/
[   ] Learn to cook ( You think I wouldn't mention this)
[   ] Learn to be a efficient in house keeping. This can be organizing your home, start from your room. 

What a friend and I like to do is compete, it makes things more fun. We are more likely to get things done. TELL PEOPLE. Tell people you are going to do a certain task because if you tell people you are more likely to do it. 
Be the best you, you can be! 

Remember that after marriage you wont change, but your marriage status. You wont suddenly the best version of you, it comes work and commitment even after marriage. 

Fun Tidbit: Apparently it take 21 days consistently doing something to become a habit!


Do not forget your intentions :)

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