Thursday, August 11, 2016

Everyone Is Getting Married

This year has been the year of marriages. So many of my close friends have or are getting married this year and it feels like its the whole world! Maybe I just think that because ramadan took up a whole month of wedding seasons and now everyone is trying get there wedding in the last two months of summer. Its has actually got to a point that my parents think that I have a secret boo and honestly I am flattered my parents think I am capable of having a secret boo. Thanks for the street cred ma!

I feel so happy for my friends and a bit sad because this means we are not going to hangout as much anymore. I'm sort of  having a Rachel moment from Friends when she was having a meltdown about her love life. She declared she only having 2 years to get married meaning she would have to find the guy this year, be engaged for at least a year,  and then married before she hit 30 that following year. Do not get me wrong I am not trying to get married at all at the moment but not knowing I have a dude secured for when I want to settle down really sucks.

 4 things that are better than getting married right now

1. Only cleaning your laundry
One of my worst fears is having to do his laundry and finding stuff on his unmentionables.

2. Not having to cook for a random
This might be the best yet. By myself I just need to worry about my tummy and frankly I am more of a snacker then meal kind of gal. I eat little snacks throughout the day and maybe one quick meal. Having a man in my life would mean I have to think for two tummies when I barley think about one. I can just imagine me married going into the kitchen eating almonds coming back to the living room and offering my husband almonds just to be polite then pointing to the kitchen because truth me told I am not about going back to get you some.

3. Netflix and chillbyyoself
Watch all the kdramas you can and silently crying for lee min ho. Notice me senpai notice me.

4. No expectations
Expect from your glaring mother who thinks that you are wasting your youth away.

5. Bed to yourself
Ever notice marriage is actually a downgrade? You go from having your own bed to having to share. The only thing I will be sharing my bed with is my laptop, some books and snacks that I have not gotten around to eating yet.

I wish everyone would just stop getting married and hangout with me all day. Stop getting a life and stay still with me, is that so hard to ask? For Gods sake we are just children?!? Think of the children!

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